Interactive 3D sculptures representing the essence of the individual

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Jul 2022


Contained is about accepting ourselves, warts and all. It is about recognizing that we are all different, and that this is what makes us beautiful. Each person’s inner self is different, and this work tries to capture that individuality.

Since the work is generative, each viewer will see a different piece. You need to be synced to the Tezos network in order to see your unique variation. If you are not synced, every time the work is reloaded a new iteration will appear.


How to interact with it?

  • Click and drag to explore the virtual sculpture
  • Zoom in and out (scroll or pinch)
  • Press “a” to toggle shader animation
  • Press “r” to toggle glass rotation
  • Press “i” to toggle inner shape rotation
  • Press “s” to toggle stats
  • Press “h” to “home” the camera back to it’s original position

This work is GPU intensive. Although it may work on mobile, for best viewing experience I recommend full screen in a desktop environment.


Interactive Generative 3D NFT Objkt Tezos XTZ 1/1

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